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The following are some typical means of travelling to and from Voiron by road. Examples, including typical costs, are as of 2010 unless otherwise stated.

— Travel distance by road from Calais to Voiron – 850 Km. Assuming a steady speed of something round about the motorway speed limit (130 Km/hour when dry, 110 Km/hour when wet), but not including any time for breaks this corresponds to about 7 hours 45 mins driving time. Motorway tolls in 2012 for a one-way journey were €70 (£55), and petrol costs would be expected to be about €80 (£65). For a total cost you will also need to add the petrol costs in the UK, and the cost of a ferry or Eurotunnel journey.

Straightforward motorway route from Calais port following the route:
A26 from Calais to St Quentin to Reims 266 Km
2 hours 20 mins
A4 from Reims to Châlons-en-Champagne 35 Km
30 mins
301 Km
A26 from Châlons-en-Champagne to Troyes 103 Km
55 mins
404 Km
A5 from Troyes to Langres 93 Km
50 mins
497 Km
A31 from Langres to Dijon to Beaune 113 Km
1 hour
610 Km
A6 from Beaune to Macon to Villefranche-sur-Saône (north of Lyon) 128 Km
1 hour 10 mins
738 Km
A46 from Villefranche-sur-Saône travelling (around the East side of Lyon, following directions to Marsailles, as far a junction with A43) 40 Km
20 mins
778 Km
A43 and A48 to Voiron (following directions to Grenoble) 72 Km
40 mins
850 Km

Scheduled Coach Service – National Express (up to 3 days per week depending upon season)
    Typical outward : Depart London 1600, arrive Grenoble 0845, normally about £50
    Typical return : Depart Grenoble 1930, arrive London 1100, normally about £50

Coach Hire – Whittles
Hire of 49 seat coach for 4 days, including 2 drivers, about £60 per person

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