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The following are some typical means of travelling to and from Voiron by rail. Examples, including typical costs, are as of 2010.

Arriving at Grenoble Gare railway station

— Travel distance to Voiron – 25 Km – about 20 mins by road, or about 15 mins by rail

Eurostar from London (St Pancras) – Paris (Gare du Nord)
RER from Paris (Gare du Nord) to Paris (Gare de Lyon)
TGV from Paris (Gare de Lyon) to Grenoble
— Services vary depending on the time of the day and season of year
    Typical outward : Depart London (St Pancras) 9.32, arrive Grenoble 16.34, from £84
    Typical return : Depart Grenoble 10.05, arrive London (St Pancras) 16.36, from £84
Cheaper fares are also possible – lowest found £54 each way
Reduction for “Senior” (ie over 60) travellers also available
London (St Pancras) to Lille (Europe) to Grenoble, and return, also possible with the advantage that there is no need to change stations in Lille.

Travel across Paris from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon

  • The least troublesome route is to take a taxi from the taxi rank outside of the station. There is always a long queue, but the taxi’s pick up very quickly. Expect to pay a fare of about €10 (£8). Don’t take a taxi offered by a “tout”, they will want to change much more. The journey should take about 20 mins (not including queuing time).
  • The cheapest route is to take the RER (a rapid-transport system like the Metro, but with larger trains and less frequent stops). See the following video which explains which line and platform to take, or see the following printable instructions. You can purchase individual (one-way) tickets at a machine or at the ticket office at the Metro station for €1.70 (£1.30) each, or you can buy a “carnet” (ie a book of 10 single tickets) for €12.50 (£10). You can also buy a “carnet” a the Eurostar departure lounge at St Pancras station in London (which saves time when you arrive in Paris). The complete journey should take no more than about 30 mins.

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