Twinning Arrangements
Droitwich Spa French Twinning Group (DSFTG)
is entirely self-funding and does not receive any subsidy from local or regional councils.

Each year we meet with our French partners for a ‘Twinning Weekend’, usually held at the beginning of May, with the host town alternating each year. The arrangements are the same, in that the host families provide accommodation and entertainment at their own expense and the travellers pay for their own travel expenses.

Street scene, mountains in background

Voiron 2018

During the weekend at Droitwich, DSFTG will usually organise several group events such as a welcome reception, a coach trip outing, and a farewell dinner. DSFTG usually covers the costs for our French visitors but host families and members pay their own costs.

Membership fees (see below), social events, and fundraising activites are the methods used to raise money to cover these costs.

Whenever possible, host families and members will receive a discount when attending DSFTG events over the Twinning Weekend.

Only members of DSFTG may be involved in the Twinning Weekend at Voiron and having attended, will be expected to host visitors from Voiron when they visit Droitwich in the following year.

Any request from corporate members to exchange with a counterpart group would need to be on a similar basis and  with similar corporate groups, e.g. a football team from Droitwich may visit Voiron to participate in a football tournament and be hosted by members and/or families of the host football club. Any such exchanges should be arranged directly by the corporate groups concerned and may take place as and when the opportunities arise.

Membership Fees have  been updated for 2020. Members need to pay subscriptions before the 31st December 2019 deadline to qualify for the customary £2 discount for Individual and Family Membership. The full subscription will be required for any payments made on or after the due date of 1st January 2020.

Membership Fees for 2020
£18 Individual
£36 Family
£1 Student
£5 Corporate  (Open to clubs, organisations or businesses)
For Individual and Family members there is a discount of £2 if the fee is paid before 31st December 2019. Individual and Family members also receive a discount on the cost of attending fundraising and social events whenever possible.
Although Corporate members and members of the public are welcome to attend most of our fundraising and social events, they do not receive a discount for the cost of attending such events.

If you wish to join the French Twinning Group, then please complete the membership form (PDFor Word format available) and, if required, the twinning visit form which follows it, and return them with the appropriate membership fee or BACS payment to the Membership Secretary (all details are on the forms).

Early return of the hosting/visiting forms together with membership fees is necessary to ensure that both the Droitwich and Voiron Committees have sufficient time to make proper arrangements for the May 2020 visit to Voiron.