Twinning Arrangements
Town twinning is entirely self-financing – the Group does not receive any subsidy from either Droitwich Spa Town Council or Wychavon District Council. For example, when Roland Revil, then Mayor of Voiron, first visited Droitwich Spa, his accommodation at the Chateau Impney was paid for by the Group, while his meals and other entertainment were either provided by members of the Group, or paid for by the Group. Similarly, if the Mayor of Droitwich Spa visits Voiron, they will expect to be hosted in Voiron, but they will have to pay for their own travel arrangements.

The town twinning activities of the Group are financed through membership fees (see below) and various fund-raising events, such as the sale of French food at a Salt Day stall (note that is isn’t essential to dress-up in French “costume” – but it does help in attracting the attention of the passing public !), the sale of second-hand books at a Water festival stall, running dinners, running a Boules Competition, … and so on. Some of these events involve charges for those who attend, but members receive a discount for the cost of attending such fundraising and social events.

One of the main twinning activities for individuals and families involves a visit to Voiron every other year, usually for a long weekend.  Individuals and families pay for their own travel expenses.  While in Voiron they are usually accommodated by a family, and are entertained at the expense of the hosts.  Thus for individuals and families visiting Voiron, their only costs are likely to be their travel expenses.

The other main twinning activity for individuals and families involves hosting visitors from Voiron every other year. Hosts receive no payment for providing meals and accommodation to their visitors. Visitors from Voiron and their hosts are provided with some organised activities (eg a visit to Stratford or Warwick, a visit to the Black Country Museum, a dinner, etc). Members pay the cost of attending such activities, but the visitor costs associated with such activities are paid for by the Group, and the fundraising activities of the Group are partly to pay these costs.


Only members of the Group may be involved in a visit to Voiron.

Members who visit Voiron are expected to host visitors from Voiron.

Exchanges for corporate members are usually arranged on a similar basis, but with similar corporate groups, eg a football team from Droitwich may visit Voiron to participate in a football tournament, and are hosted by members and/or families of the host football club.  Such exchanges can be arranged directly by the corporate groups and may take place as often as the opportunities arise. Once contact has been established between similar corporate groups, it is entirely up to them to decide what form of engagement, or exchange they wish to proceed with, and how frequently this is to take place.

The committee is pleased to say there is again no increase in the membership fees, which are as follows:-

Membership Fees for 2018
£17 Individual
£30 Family
£1 Student
£5 Corporate  (Open to clubs, organisations or businesses)
For Individual and Family members there is a discount of £2 if the fee is paid before 31st December 2017. Individual and Family members also receive a discount on the cost of attending fundraising and social events whenever possible.
Although Corporate members and members of the public are welcome to attend fundraising and social events, they do not receive a discount for the cost of attending such events.

If you wish to join the French Twinning Group, then please complete the membership form and, if required, the twinning visit form which follows it), and return them with the appropriate membership fee or BACS payment to the Membership Secretary (all details are on the forms).