French Twinning in Droitwich Spa

In Droitwich Spa there are two Twinning Groups. The Droitwich Spa French Twinning Group is involved in a twinning with the French town of Voiron, near Grenoble, in the Isère Department of the Rhône-Alpes Region in the east of France. Charters were signed in Voiron in November 2010, and in Droitwich Spa in April 2011, and the first exchange took place in April 2012. The town has also been twinned with the German town of Bad Ems since 1983. Exchange visits to and from each town take place in alternate years.

The two Twinning Groups – German and French – are organised separately, but they are the joint members of the Droitwich Spa Twinning Association. Each of the two Twinning Groups is autonomous and both are self-funding, being independent of Droitwich Spa Town Council, Wychavon District Council and Worcestershire County Council, and their funding.

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Why twin?

For enjoyment and building friendships; and through twinning activities to share in the lifestyles, culture and history of the twin town in a way that goes beyond mere tourism. It is also a good way to make many new friends in Droitwich Spa.

Do I need to speak French?

It is definitely not essential. Our twinning partners are mostly members of the English Club of Voiron, a group of about 70 people who meet fortnightly to learn English, and all French school-children start to learn English from an early age. But it is fun to learn some French words, or practise what French you might have forgotten since school.

Where/with whom will I stay in Voiron?

Accommodation is in the home of your host family either in Voiron, or in one of its surrounding villages. The hospitality is fantastic. Alternatively, if you want to visit but not stay with a host family, there is a good range of hotels and other accommodation.

How are my twinning partners selected?

Individuals, couples and families from each town give helpful information about themselves, eg ages, occupations, hobbies, sports, likes and dislikes and then similar people or families are paired (or twinned) wherever possible. The more details you give about yourself the better.

Does twinning involve anything else?

In addition to individual and family exchanges, the group also aims to promote international friendship and understanding, through cultural, recreational, educational and commercial activities. It does so by helping to establish engagement opportunities between cultural and recreational (including sporting) clubs and societies, and educational groups (ie schools) of Droitwich Spa (and district), and similar groups from Voiron, for the benefit of their experience and life skills of their members and students. Such twinning engagements might involve electronic and/or correspondence or projects about France for First or Middle Schools, student exchanges for Secondary Schools, exchanges for competitions for sporting groups, exchanges to visit sites of archaeological or historic interest, exchanges to participate in musical events, and so on, according to the aspirations of the society or school partners in both Droitwich Spa and Voiron.